Persistence + Protection + Vitality


Aids with quick thinking, while transforming ideas into actions. Assists with emotional release of guilt or embarrassment, while providing protection and empowering one to take risks. Increases energy, strength and stamina. Offers comfort and support, while providing a strong connection to the earth


Chakra: Sacral

Red Jasper - Bracelet

  • Our bracelets are hand strung by us in our workshop. Each bracelet is cleansed after beading and comes with a detailed information on the properties of the gemstone.

    Please note that although we use 0.8M thick clear stretch string, bracelets can still break or come loose with excessive pulling or stretching. To remove your bracelets, touch your thumb and pinky together, and lay your remaining fingers over them. Using your other hand, gently roll your bracelets off of your wrist.