Need help getting over a breakup? This collection was formed from personal experience, that’s right… we feel you. This gift set is a truly magical one, and is here not only to help you set them free but to feel protected and loved.


The black vial is used to write the individual’s name on and to be placed in the freezer. As the water in the tube freezes it will ice them out of your life, and you will Let Go.

Let Go - Breakup Collection

  • All of our crystal collections can be purchased for gifts or personal use. Our collections are lovingly created with positive energy to help the buyer/receiver reap the benefits of the wonderful energy these gifts of the earth provide.


    Each set contains 4 gemstones that are handpicked and packaged by us in our workshop. The crystal gemstones are cleansed, and also include detailed information on the properties of the gemstones, as well as either a small hand filled vial of one of our many sage blends or Florida water.