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Cleansing Your Crystals


What Does It Mean To Cleanse Your Crystals & Why Do We Need To?

When working with crystals it is important to energetically cleanse them. Crystals are magical tools which absorb energies as well as emit them. If for instance you have had a difficult day and are feeling a little down, the crystals that you have in your space will pick up on this energy, and even absorb it. Cleansing your crystals releases the energy that does not belong there and has stopped your crystal from working at the optimal level.

3 Simple Methods for Cleansing Your Crystals

It is very easy to cleans your crystals, and there are many different methods, these are the main methods that we use and recommend:


Place your crystals in direct moonlight either on the windowsill or even outside if it is safe to do so. Use a glass jar or bowl to cover them for added protection. Remember to remove them in the morning, as sunlight can cause your crystals to fade.

This method is most effective when the moon is full.


White sage/Sweet grass/Sandalwood/Cedar wood

Using a heat proof dish or abalone shell, place a small amount of your incense into the dish and light it. Carefully blow out any flame. Now take your crystal and pass your crystal through the smoke a few times to clear it.


Simply hold your crystal and visualize a bright white light surrounding and passing all the way through the stone removing stored energy. Continue to do this until you feel happy that the white light has fully cleansed the crystal.

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How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

We get asked this question a lot, and it seems like everyone has a different opinion. What we recommend is do what feels right for you. Everyone's energy and sensitivity to other energies are different. If you are using your crystals, frequently then it would be a good idea to cleanse them often. Dark stones need to be cleansed more frequently, as they absorb negative energy.

Charging/Programming Your Crystals

How To Charge/Program Your Crystals?

Concentrate on a specific energy that you wish to program the crystal with. Transfer the energies and thoughts from your mind directly to the stone. Do not overload the crystal with multiple thoughts or energies. Be clear and direct when transferring. Do this until you feel happy that the stone has been charged

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